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Wedding Wednesday: I give you this ring…

Chris and I exchanged rings in private back in 2015 and this year we will do the same in front of 70 guests at our wedding. We will use the rings we have already given each other as they represent the commitment we made to each other. But why are rings given?

The history of wedding rings begins in ancient Egypt. They believed that the circle was a powerful symbol representing eternity and infinity: it has no end (and no beginning but who am I to argue?!)
The Ancient Egyptians also believed that there was a special vein in the fourth finger on the left hand which took blood straight to the heart.
There have been many different elaborate styles of ring specific to nations or time periods. These symbolise the financial element to marriage and the status of the couple.
Some rings had poems or inscriptions. Today some couples have their initials and date of wedding inscribed inside the ring or a simple personalised message that only the wearer will see.

Many modern wedding rings are plain to symbolise the simplicity and purity of love. They are made of gold or silver with platinum and palladium becoming more popular due to their strength and represents permanence.
In modern media being seen without your wedding ring is akin to stating that the marriage is in trouble, such is the power of it as a symbol. My grandmother was unable to wear her wedding ring on her finger anymore so she now wears it on a chain around her neck.
Engagement rings often swap hands after the wedding or worn together with the wedding ring. I haven’t quite decided yet how to wear mine!


  1. I find your posts about weddings so interesting! So informative! I happen to love my set so I have no problem wearing them together. My band wraps around my engagement diamond. It is lovely!

  2. I have another nerd trivia to share! 😀
    I once heard that the reason why we put the wedding ring in that particular finger is because there’s a major vein (or artery, not sure) connecting it to our heart. How cool these traditions are! #Blogstravaganza

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