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Wedding Wednesday: the wedding night…

Ahem, never fear, this is staying family friendly!
We spent our wedding night at the place where we had our first date (romantic fools!) but then I had to get my laptop out and write a blog post and go through pictures to put in it and on social media (priorities!) Luckily I have a very understanding husband!

I asked my fellow bloggers if they spent their wedding nights in an unconventional way, and here is what they told me:
Emma from Me, The Man and the KIds:
Mine was an early night after a marathon breastfeeding session with a 6 week old baby
Kate from Hitchen’s Kitchen:
In A&E having a contact lens removed that I’d got stuck there for the wedding day.
Victoria from The Growing Mum:
The B&B we booked were meant to leave us the key under a pot as they weren’t going to be in. We spent a while looking under a lot of flower pots and anything that could hide a key. Meanwhile their mobile was going to voicemail. We decided to abandon ship and go back to the in-laws who had a few people back round to theirs after the wedding. It was awkward to say the least!

Jennifer from Mighty Mama Bear:
We got married abroad with just a few close friends. After our evening meal we went swimming, just the two of us. My friends thought we were mad, but I couldn’t wait to take all the pins out of my hair, get out of my dress and just spend time together just us. It was perfect!
Mandi from Big Family Organised Chaos:
My entire evening reception was spent upstairs in the hotel room as my 18 month old son refused to be held or put to sleep by anyone else, I finally managed to swap with my parents and see our guests from midnight until 1am when the party finished to find both he and my 3 year old daughter had taken over the large honeymoon bed, so my first night of being Mrs Morrison was spent with two kids in the bed! Nothing much has changed over the last 17 years!!!
Sharon from After the Playground:
Not exactly my wedding night but I did herd sheep from one field to another (in my wedding dress) in between my wedding reception and the evening party because my husband’s family are farmers and it had to be done!!!

Beth from A Beautiful Space:
I was really hungry so we left the hotel in my wedding dress and went to the chip shop
Michelle from Playdays and Runways:
Mine was having my dinner in Planet Hollywood in Times Square.We we’re married in New York and our 8 year old chose were we ate!
Thank you to all of those bloggers. Let me know in the comments how you spent your wedding night (keep it clean!)


  1. We drove over a hundred miles to stay with my great aunt before driving her a nearly two hundred miles from Chico to Fort Bragg to celebrate July 4th and I wouldn’t change a single moment of it. Not a single moment. #StayClassyMama

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  3. Pat

    My husband would have divorced me straight away if i had my laptop on our wedding night LOL! We had a great day and night. We didn’t get to the hotel until after 3am i believe and stayed up all night. It was great!

  4. These are great stories! Our wedding was planned in about a month and a half and we had our honeymoon about three weeks later when we went back to Mexico . Our wedding night was spent back in my parents’ house. #stayclassymama

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