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What happened on Mother’s Day? (Monday 27th March)

I wrote a list of 5 things I wanted on Mother’s Day: So…what do I want for Mother’s Day? . Did I get my wish? Well, no actually. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I had a lovely day. First of all I didn’t have a lie in. The clocks changed so I […]

End of an era (and peace and quiet) (Tuesday 21st March)

  I’ve made the big decision to stop breastfeeding Zach during the day. I have been quite lazy and enjoyed a relaxing sit down with my book twice a day. But I’m not doing him any favours, he needs to learn to get himself to sleep during the day in the same way that he […]

Afternoon fun in Crowthorne (Sunday 19th March)

After some begging to go to a playground, we decided to investigate a local town: Crowthorne! We’ve driven through many times but never stopped off so it was a new experience for all of us. Here we are, all set! First we went to the Morgan recreation ground where there is playground equipment for all […]

#My Sunday Photo

Here we have Matthew indoctrinating Zach to love trains last Sunday afternoon. We start them young in our family! I just love Zach’s smile as the engine whizzes past 🙂 while Matt is looking serious as he concentrates

Saturday 11th March: 6 months of blogging! And my leg hair has split ends…

I’ve survived 6 months! I don’t think I’ve taken the world by storm but if I have made someone laugh or be reassured that they’re not alone in the madness of parenthood then I’m happy. In the meantime I have been enjoying the apparent start of spring. I am seriously considering ditching the socks and […]