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#MySundayPhoto half term freedom!

Whenever I ask the children what they want to do in the holidays, Anya’s answer is always the same: the playground. We attempted to go on Thursday but as we pulled into the car park it began raining (even some hail!) so we headed home (very sad faces all round 🙁 ) I promised we […]

#MySundayPhoto class assembly

This week was Matthew’s class assembly and Matt did an excellent job in introducing the topic. Not a hint of nerves! He was then in charge of the buzzer during the quiz section and ended the whole thing with a thank you to the visiting parents. Very proud mum!

#MySundayPhoto gluten free delights

Last weekend I went to the first London Blogging Event and experienced my first ever macarons: they were divine! In the goody bag there were some other gluten free, vegetarian treats and this week I have been enjoying them all (in secret so I don’t have to share with the kids, mum guilt… sorry, not […]

Supermoon superfan!

I can’t explain it, I really can’t but I have been obsessed by the moon in January. I was thrilled to take this photo at the start of the month using my Nikon B7200. I have always wanted to take a photo of the moon and finally I had achieved it! Last night’s super blue […]

#MySundayPhoto: sunrise

For this week’s photo I have chosen to show you this sunrise from our kitchen window. I love our tree especially in autumn when it has the most beautiful russet tones. In this pic I love the silhouette against the stunning sky. I confess to being inspired by Photalife’s range of sunrises and although mine […]

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