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#MySundayPhoto 17th September: school!

Following on from Matthew’s #MySundayPhoto of his first day at junior school, this week I have chosen Anya’s first day but the end of it. She had mud on her forehead, her hair was a mess, grazes on her knees and baked bean juice down her cardigan. She had a good day!

#MySundayPhoto 10th September: the unofficial school pic

Out of all the school pics I have taken of Matthew, this is the one I love most. Matthew isn’t the most tactile of people and avoids physical affection most of the time but tolerates it from his siblings. They laugh and joke together so much, he is the best big brother in the world. […]

#MySundayPhoto: Happy birthday to my mum in law!

My Sunday Photo this week is this a photo within a photo : We had a busy busy bank holiday weekend including my mother in law's 70th birthday! We gave her this gorgeous canvas from @bagsofloveuk. More details on my blog! #birthday #presents #mumblogger #ukblogger #ukparentbloggers #parentingblogger #mbloggers #familyfuntime #timetogether #makingmemories #grandma A post shared […]

Goodbye England’s Rose…20 years on

1997 holds many memories for me. It was the year of my GCSE results. It was the year my grandmother died. It was the year Diana, Princess of Wales died. I have felt guilty for 20 years. You see, I asked my mum to buy the newspaper with the photos of Diana on holiday. I […]

#MySundayPicture (not a photo this week!)

Usually I link up to Photalife’s #MySundayPhoto linky but this week the picture I have chosen to highlight isn’t an actual photo. This week’s pic relates to my post reflecting on my GCSE results as teens received theirs this week. My definition of success is much broader than just the academic side of life and […]