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Black Friday: has the world gone crazy?!

I’m a bit confused. A couple of years ago Black Friday was introduced to the UK. The scenes on the TV were terrifying to see how humanity was reduced to slaves to materialism. This year Black Friday seems to last 2 WHOLE weeks (or longer). At the start of last week I started getting emails […]

#MySundayPhoto trying to embrace the cold

This week has been quite cloudy and dull so I have been feeling a little glum. Over on my Instagram I have been looking back to summer to cheer myself up. Plus I have started wearing my new slippers to warm me up 🙂 I headed out into the garden on Friday which was sunny […]

#MySundayPhoto Bonfires and Beavers

The highlight of this week has got to be the Beavers bonfire (click the link for the full post!) I love these photos of the children watching the fire, completely entranced by the flames and enjoying the warmth.

#MySundayPhoto Halloween

You can’t have failed to notice that this week it was Halloween! I begrudgingly took my older two out trick or treating. I actually loved watching their little excited faces (or sensing it in Matt’s case due to the mask…) and was feeling the Halloween spirit. The next day I found out some idiots had […]

Lessons learned from taking part in #Blogtober17 and #Vlogtober

October was a sensationally busy month. On the last day of September I discovered #Blogtober17 and decided to take part It wasn’t until halfway through the month I spotted the first 26 are the letters of the alphabet, doh! I also saw the term #Vlogtober floating around but there were not any prompts for that […]