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#MySundayPhoto Sunday 21st May

School reunion! Who can believe it is 20 years since we took our GCSEs?! Huge thanks to the fab organisers, so sorry more people didn’t come along to enjoy your efforts. I think we all had a great time catching up 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

#MySundayPhoto #NCD2017

This week I have spent a lot of time with Matthew and Anya helping them learn to ride a bike. I have been so proud of them! It really has been the highlight of my week to see them working so hard and achieving. Today is National Children’s Day. I believe that children should be […]

National Children’s Day: Zach takes over the blog! (Sunday 14th May)

Greetings fellow babies, mums and dads. Today, I, Zach, have taken over Mummy’s blog. A couple of days ago, Mummy did a video about things that wind her up. This is really ironic because there are lots of things that SHE does that makes me cross… She is always in a rush which is REALLY […]

Is summer finally approaching? (Monday 8th May)

I have been a bit of a grump with the whole weather situation 🙁 Zach’s birthday weekend was glorious but since then it had pretty much been grey cloud permanently and rain on several school runs. Yesterday afternoon was great and the sun was shining, a great excuse to make the most of our lovely […]