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Daily thoughts

#MySundayPhoto help me identify this flower!

This bush in our garden has always had white flowers but this year it has red ones as well (you can see the white bud next to the red flower in the top pic). There are also some that are white with one or two red petals! Any ideas what it is?

#MySundayPhoto Spring is here!

At last the sunshine has appeared! We had fun in the garden this week and I took this pic of the beautiful serene daffodil with the contrast of Zach racing past in the background.

The history of the Easter Bunny

At the grand old age of 36, it has suddenly occurred to me that I have absolutely NO IDEA why there is an Easter Bunny. I can see the link between Easter and eggs (symbolising new life but also refers to the fasting for Lent) but bunnies have me completely stumped! Time to get researching… […]

#MySundayPhoto snow fun!

What a week! Zach’s first experience of proper snow and first time wearing wellies. Matthew and Anya’s first snow days. The first snowman at our home. Happy memories!

#MySundayPhoto cooperative play

Yesterday on #project365 I added a photo of the children playing together upstairs in their bedroom. I wanted to show another pic which shows how well Anya and Zach were playing with Sylvanian Families. Zach often plays dinosaurs with Matthew but this was the first time he played with Anya in a more mature way. […]

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