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#Project365 week 8: half term

Day 48: time to experiment in the kitchen in preparation for Pancake Day in a couple of weeks. Very proud of these vegan chocolate pancakes that were scrummy! Day 49: time for some girly time with Anya. We had a vegan purple face mask and then I painted her nails (vegan nail polish) and watched […]

Where Angels Fear, by DK Hood

Kane and Alton are still recovering from their last encounter with a serial killer but now another strikes! Sky and Ella are travelling home from college when they see someone with a broken down car. They stop to help but the man attacks Sky. Ella runs for her life and escapes. When the police arrive […]

Getting the kids engaged with nature with My Living World bird feeder

This half term we enjoyed lots of time outside in the garden. Our garden is frequented by birds as we have lots of trees. We were sent the My Living World bird feeder. The set is simple to put together but I would advise an adult supervises younger children. The recommended age range is 5+ […]

Blogger event at The Body Shop, Basingstoke

I was hugely excited to be invited to The Body Shop in Basingstoke last Friday for a blogger event to check out new products. I went to an event at their Reading branch last year and I am pleased to inform you that they managed to get enough signatures to petition the UN to end […]

Death Comes To Call, by Clare Chase

This is the third book to feature Tara Thorpe (I have read the first where she is a reporter and makes the decision to change career to join the police, but haven’t read the second 🙁 ) In this book, Tara and her colleagues are called upon to investigate the disappearance of artist Luke Cope. […]