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#Blogtober2020 Day 27: Greatest Day

What would make the greatest day? Well, obviously my wedding day and the births of my children were pretty fab but it is important to enjoy the ordinary days too! Thinking of the things I love Truly Madly Deeply, my greatest day would involve a day out with family. Some chips for lunch. An evening […]

Ruthless Girl, by Emma Tallon

  Secrets and lies threaten the Tyler gang. Anna has killed Russian gang leader Aleksei but not told her lover Freddie Tyler in order to protect her friends. Freddie is anxiously searching for Aleksei when his widow Sophia arrives offering a deal he can’t refuse. Meanwhile Jim is released from prison with secrets from the […]

#Blogtober2020 Day 26: Truly Madly Deeply

Things that I love, truly, madly, deeply. Not my husband or kids as they’ve already had a #Blogtober post this month! Chips: no explanation needed… Joe Wicks workouts and running: I have always been anti-exercise after hating PE at school. But Joe Wicks really inspired me during lockdown and now I have completed the Couch […]

A Home For Unloved Orphans, by Rachel Wesson

  Lauren Greenwood has lived a life of luxury but she is not blind to the misery experienced by others during the Depression. Determined to help families in need, she challenges attitudes towards women, class and race but at great personal cost. It seems odd to say that I enjoyed A Home For Unloved Orphans […]

#ParentPower linky 9

Hello and thank you to everyone who joined us last week for our blog linky…#ParentPower! How is half term going? You don’t need to be a parent to join in but family friendly posts are essential. Have you any parenting hacks, recipes or gift ideas to link up with us? What books or days out […]