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#Blogtober2020 Day 24: Back To Black

Once again I struggled with with prompt so decided to have a think about classic black and white films that I love. Here are my top 7: Skeleton Dance: an early Disney cartoon, perfect for Halloween. My grandad used to own a projector and would give us film shows when we visited. This short was […]

The Vatican Conspiracy, by Peter Hogenkamp

Marco Venetti is a priest with a past. One of passion and peril. Now he is settled into his church life until one day his former love Elena arrives to give confession. Her family are being held hostage and she wants absolution for the crimes that will result from her efforts to free them. Marco […]

#DreamTeam 222

Thank you for joining us at #DreamTeamLinky hosted by me alongside 3 Little Buttons and Navigating Baby, yay! Happy Sunday! Hope life is treating you kindly and that you have a fun half term planned! Take a look at the rules, add our badge and join us for the Dream Team linky! Please do not […]

Feed the children so the parents can feed themselves

I am shocked and angry at the arrogant selfish people in Parliament who this week voted AGAINST feeding vulnerable children. Thankfully the communities around the nation are pulling together to donate to food banks and provide hot meals for the children who need them. The usual rhetoric of not having children if you can’t afford […]

#Blogtober2020 Day 23: Whenever Wherever

I was a little stumped at this prompt but decided to have a fond look back at my kids as babies and how they managed to fall asleep whenever and wherever they chose! Actually, apart from one photo of Matt asleep in the middle of the carpet that I just CANNOT find despite an hour […]