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Archive for February 2021

The Blame, by Kerry Wilkinson

Harry is called out of the blue by his childhood friend Paige to say that their other mutual best friend Richard has been arrested for the murder of their old teacher. He hurries back to the UK and is amazed to see how much has changed. But then the friends discover the teacher’s murder is […]

Secrets at the Last House Before the Sea, by Liz Eeles

Rosie returns to her Devon home following the death of her mother. Her grief is further heightened by the revelation that her mother didn’t own their home and now it is set to be demolished. Rosie is detrmined to save her home in her mother’s memory but discovers other family sercets along the way. Can […]

Wear a mask, keep your distance and stop whinging

There are over 100,000 dead in the UK. Each one a life, loved, valued, mourned. I am getting so wound up by the covidiots who refuse to wear a mask or who flout the rules on social distancing. There are genuine reasons why a mask is not appropriate but an infringement of human rights is […]

The Lost Brother, by Susanna Beard

Devoted siblings Leonora and Ricky are cruelly separated by their harsh violent father and alcoholic weak mother. Ricky is sent away to South Africa to ‘man up’ and live up to his father’s high expectations. Leonora is academically gifted but her father wants her to stay at home, cooking and cleaning. When Ricky’s father travels […]