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This Other Island, by Steffanie Edward

Joe Francis is randomly attacked in the street leading to a multitude of revelations for him and his family. In particular, his daughter Yvette has a great deal to cope with as secrets are uncovered thick and fast… This Other Island is the debut novel from Steffanie Edward, yet has the confidence of a more […]

#Project365 2021 week 20

Day 136: freedom! My self isolation is over and it was good to be able to leave the house for a run!   Day 137: back to work. Took the ants back and felt really sad! They had spent a week above my desk and were totally captivating   Day 138: rainbow! Can you believe […]

The Marriage, by K.L. Slater

  A fatal punch in 2009 between two best friends changes their families’ lives forever. Jesse dies while Tom goes to prison for his manslaughter. Now in 2019, Tom and Jesse’s mother Bridget have found love and marry but face the disbelief and rejection of their families. Tom’s mother Jill believes Bridget only wants revenge… […]

TuitionWorks online Maths tuition review

*I was was invited to try out this service and have been compensated for my time. With Matthew starting secondary school soon and a rather topsy turvy year (thanks covid!), I was a little worried that there may be some areas of learning that require extra support. I was invited to try out the online […]

A Letter to the Last House Before the Sea, by Liz Eeles  

Iris Starcross passes away, entrusting her great niece Lettie with a key and letter from her past love. Lettie travels to Devon to search for answers which will allow her beloved Iris to rest in peace… A Letter to the Last House Before the Sea is the second book in the Heaven’s Cove series from […]