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A Mother’s Lie, by Leah Mercer

  Ali arrives at Seashine Cottage to get some space from her husband. She is 20 weeks pregnant but Jon does not want to continue with the pregnancy. At the home of her late grandmother, she searches for peace and quiet to wait for Jon to change his mind. Ali meets her neighbours Meg, Michael […]

#MischiefAndMemories blog linky 26

Say hello again to #MischiefAndMemories Counting down to summer holidays, only 4 weeks to go but where is the nice weather? Anyway, it’s a new week of our new blog linky! Mischief And Memories is all about your family and lifestyle posts so come and link up! We want: – Connecting and interacting with other […]

A Second Hand Husband, by Claire Calman

  Newlyweds Natalie and Carl have been hoping to move out of London to be nearer Carl’s children in Kent. But Nat is horrified when Carl buys a house at auction without her even seeing it. Her first impression of the house is not positive: half roofless and a dingy interior (and how many spiders […]

One Child Alive, by Ellery Kane

  Fourth of July celebrations are ruined for Rockwell and Decker when ‘the perfect family’ are discovered dead and their house on fire. The only survivor is 4 year old Thomas who says the killer was a police officer. Can Will trust his own team…? One Child Alive is a police thriller set in the […]

#Project365 2021 week 25

Day 171: Father’s Day. I hope we made it special for my dad and Chris 🙂 Zach painted this pic of Chris at school   Day 172: the kids love jelly especially the one who is lucky enugh to scrape the bowl! Day 173: we had Pickle Post with cute plushies from Cats Vs Pickles […]