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#Project365 2021 week 25

Day 171: Father’s Day. I hope we made it special for my dad and Chris 🙂 Zach painted this pic of Chris at school


Day 172: the kids love jelly especially the one who is lucky enugh to scrape the bowl!

Day 173: we had Pickle Post with cute plushies from Cats Vs Pickles

Day 174: Chris went to a wedding to I was in sole charge of the children and Ollie (I think you can guess who needed the most attention!)

Day 175: trying to get the kids to eat the rainbow


Day 176: sometimes only a takeaway will do!

Day 177: we’re all full of cold, the kids are stressed with nightmares and anxiety, work is really tough at the moment, and things are verging on being overwhelming. But I forced myself out of bed to run to my fave pop tunes, sat in the sun, ate leftover curry and had a nap. Reconnecting with myself and nature has done wonders for my wellbeing today 🙂


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  1. Yum! Yum! My two love jelly too. We don’t have it often enough though.
    Those plushies are ever so cute and your takeaway looks so good.
    Sending love and hugs. I hope things are better soon and everyone gets over their colds. x

  2. Hope everything becomes a bit calmer soon. N and I love jelly but we rarely have it these days because the OH isn’t a fan. Shame because it’s such a treat.

  3. I love the picture of Chris that Zach painted for Father’s Day. We love jelly too but haven’t had it for ages. Did you have any success getting the kids to eat the rainbow? That takeaway looks yummy and glad some time reconnecting with nature helped you feel better. Hope you all get over your colds soon. #project365

  4. Sorry things are tough at the moment we have hit that point in the term, haven’t we. Although not much longer and it will be the Summer holidays and hopefully much more relaxing for all. Both mine prefer veg raw and actually so do I!

  5. It sounds like things were overwhelming for you. I’m glad getting outside made you feel better. I’m sure we have all had moments feeling like this through this year. Love the painting for Fathers Day. My mum is the jelly maker, I should make some for the kids #365

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