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The New Friends , by Daniel Hurst

  Money is a struggle for Becky and Jamie but they are taking a well earned holiday before settling down to start a family. They meet a friendly couple Phil and Mel who have a lavish lifestyle. The two couples strike up a friendship that survives the return home to England. But are the rich […]

Two quick and easy Christmas tree crafts

I love Christmas trees and recently made one out of toilet rolls. So I got my thinking cap on and grabbed my scissors to make two new Christmas tree designs. I’m sure every child has made snowflakes by folding and snipping paper. I adjusted this for the first craft 🙂 First take a green A4 […]

Cassandra, by Linda O’Byrne

Cassandra Wickham runs away from home in an attempt to avoid an arranged marriage. She brings her reputation into disrepute but also find love… Twenty years on from the events of Pride and Prejudice and Jane Austen’s characters are brought to life in this sequel. All of the Bennett sisters are married and have children. […]

The Lost Promise of Ireland, by Susanne O’Leary

Maggie Ryan is newly single and decides to revisit the past by renting a cottage in Sandy Cove that her parents owned thirty years ago. This stirs up nostaliga for a teen romancw she had with Paul which fizzled out when he went back to America and stopped writing to her. Can she find Paul […]

#Project365 2021 week 50

Day 347: my dad surprised us all by getting his 1980s Amstrad computer out for us to play on. Bit of Manic Miner anyone? Look at the tape deck for loading games! Day 348: my festive design at school Day 349: I still can’t drive due to my anti sickness medication but enjoyed a night […]