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#Project52 2024 week 17

Back to school and work for me and the kids. Enjoying the UK weather of April showers and HAIL! Yep it’s been cold and random this week! Some gorgeous sunshine and the guinea pigs have enjoyed being outdoors and the cherry tree blossomed overnight. New start at the weekend as we enrolled all 3 kids […]

The Millennium Affair, by Lucy Lyons

It is December 1999 and the world waits with trepidation for the new year and millennium bug. Alex can’t help using the Finding Machine to help save the life of a teen one icy night. But it has serious consequences for her job and relationship… The Millennium Affair is the sequel to The Finding Machine. […]

Escape to the Rome Apartment, by Kerry Fisher

  Sara and Lainey always planned to take another trip together but life and then death gets in the way. Lainey dies and leaves money and her ashes to Sara with specific instructions to scatter them in Italy. Can Sara enjoy her freedom or will reality drag her down…? Escape to the Rome Apartment is […]

Bloodshed on the Boards, by Judy Leigh

Morwenna Mutton has mixed emotions when a theatre company arrives in Seal Bay. Her granddaughter gets a role in the production which is exciting but the unpopular lead actor starts dating her mother. Then he dies on stage, apparently of natural causes, but Morwenna suspects one of his enemies of murder… Bloodshed on the Boards […]

#Project52 2024 week 16

Second week of the Easter holidays has been one of celebrations. My teeny baby has turned 8! Zach is growing up so quickly and it breaks my heart as well as making me so proud of all he achieves. My nephew’s birthday too and we are spending time together this weekend. Our final celebration was […]