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#Blogmas18 day 24: Christmas Eve box

I am feeling increasingly sorry for my kids at the lack of build up I organise for Christmas. No films, no books, no trip to see Santa, and now no Christmas Eve box either…
Chris just said I was being ridiculous because the kids are way over excited anyway! He’d never even heard of a Christmas Eve box…
OK so I am now determined to put in more effort from now on and have 12 months to get myself sorted for next Christmas Eve and here is my plan for contents:
A new item of clothing
Sweets or chocolates
A list of festive films on Netflix/Amazon Prime to choose from (or plan ahead and get Home Alone)
A board game
Craft supplies to make a decoration for the Christmas tree
A gingerbread house to decorate

Check back next Christmas Eve to make sure I do it!



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