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#Blogmas18 day 27: present haul

Here is my present haul:

As you can see most of them are vegan related to help me prepare for the change in lifestyle in 2019. There are also some Harry Potter themed items as I am a huge fan!
Chris and I have a rule that we only get each other things from the children and have a limit of around £30. We tend to buy what we need through the year so don’t really have much we need or want, making present buying a bit tricky!
The children are tricky in a different way: they want EVERYTHING!
Matthew and Anya were happy with their haul of presents (these are just the ones from Christmas Day) but Zach wasn’t feeling too well and still hasn’t opened several of his presents (Matthew and Anya gallantly opened the ones that did get opened in an attempt to encourage him)
What was your favourite present this year?

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