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#Blogtober18 day 24: xrays and broken bones

Earlier this month it was the 10 year anniversary of my broken foot!

At the time no one thought it was broken as the pain was not as bad as people were telling me it should be. My mum still feels guilty that it took 2 days for her to take me to hospital to get checked and that she dropped me off and went home.

I find medical things fascinating so loved seeing my spiral fracture on the x ray. When I was pregnant I enjoyed all the ultrasounds and one helpful radiographer did my whole abdomen! In my dental nursing days I was the one responsible for taking xrays but also had a few taken.

When I was a child, my best friend broke her wrist and had to use a typewriter for all her work. I was insanely jealous at the time!
My mother in law broke her hip just before last Christmas and I think she hopes to break the other one as it i s painful compared to her replaced one! My own parents have never broken a bone.
Thankfully none of my children have ever broken a bone (touch wood!) and the one trip to hospital with an injury is now a dim and distant memory which I hope never to repeat!
One last thing about bones just to keep Dino-kid happy (Matt): dinosaur bones that are found and displayed in museums are actually rock not bone as the organic material gets replaced by minerals through fossilisation.
Have you ever broken a bone?


  1. I’ve only ever broken one bone. Well, several actually, at the same time. Wait for it… I broke my elbow, wrist and two ribs when I tripped over the back step getting my husband’s lucky pants for him off the washing line!

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