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#Blogtober18 day 31: thinking ahead to 2019

We had the freedom of choice for the final day of Blogtober so I have decided to think of my short term future.
Firstly I want to get more organised. As you can probably tell by the fact this is being published a day late, I have been playing catch up all month. When I reviewed last year’s Blogtober I said the same thing but it still hasn’t happened as life has got in the way. I came up with a schedule in January but it soon fell by the wayside so I want to try again in 2019.

I want to stay in the top 250 of the Tots 100 and try to get my DA to 40. I have worked very hard this year and seen my rankings improve a lot. Now I have to keep working just as hard to keep up!
I want to reclaim my evenings. Currently I spend 3-4 hours a night on my blog so, despite needing to work hard, I want to work less or more efficiently or at different times. This will come down to organisation again as I will need to allocate part of the day or week to blogging.

Finally, I want to try something new. Despite being notoriously reluctant to do any kind of craft, I love cross stitch and knitting so I want to look at card making and decorations as another source of relaxation and income. I have never tried crochet but would like to have a go!
What are your plans for the year ahead?

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  1. Ah – we’ve got very similar goals Laura – and I know exactly what you mean about life just getting in the way so it means you can’t complete your goals – many a time my schedule has fallen by the wayside! Best of luck with getting back on track – I think I’ve finally realised that in order to fully complete my schedule on a weekly basis it has to be achievable (i.e. realistic) – in one day I thought I could: write up my newsletter, write my weekly 10 new things, write and edit 2 blog posts around cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner and doing the school run – maybe if I stayed up all night! ha ha!

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