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A Gift From The Cottage By The Loch, by Kennedy Kerr

A Gift From The Cottage By The Loch book cover
Bel is made redundant and when she arrives back home she finds her partner with another woman. She leaves immediately with no plan except to head for her sister in Scotland…
A Gift From The Cottage By The Loch is the fourth book in the Loch Cameron series (I have previusly read and reviewed the third book, The Diary from the Cottage by the Loch).
Bel’s day goes from bad to worse. But on reflection, she realises that she didn’t like her job or her boyfriend anyway! Loch Cameron provides a tranquil background to heal her heart and consider the future. She has lost sight of herself, her dreams and ambitions. I felt sorry for her but also thought she was making excuses by blaming others for her lack of strength.
The book is full of warmth despite the big issues of infidelity and unemployment. Bel’s sister Sally and her wife Bess were my favourite characters, full of love for each other but always willing to help out and care for others. There is an instant and obvious chemistry with gardener and biker Christian. I enjoyed their first meeting and how it set up the antagonism and humour that then continues to define their friendship with the possibility of romance.
A Gift From The Cottage By The Loch is a warm and sweet book about fresh starts and self discovery.


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Book: A Gift from the Cottage by the Loch
Author: Kennedy Kerr
Pub Day:  Feb 28th 2024
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About the Book: 
Turning to face the glittering loch, Bel clasps the worn notepaper tightly in her hand. Will these hastily scrawled words, written decades ago, destroy the new life in the Highlands she’s risked her heart for?

When Bel Tipton catches her husband cheating on her, the devastating betrayal sends her running to her sister Sally in the beautiful village of Loch Cameron. Bel needs Sally’s warm laugh and sage advice now more than ever, and she knows curling up with her on the sofa and gossiping late into the night will make her feel whole again.

Bel did not expect her rented cottage overlooking the loch to come with handsome gardener Christian McDougal,and she’s determined to be unmoved by his flirty smile and broad shoulders. The last thing she needs is another man she can’t trust. But when Bel sees an empty storefront on the high street for rent, it’s Christian who notices how her eyes light up. He encourages her to set up a business in the village and she realises he’s everything her ex was not.

Then Bel hears a rumour in town that Christian is not all he seems. And, clearing out her store, she finds a collection of letters tied with a worn blue ribbon stashed on a high shelf in the back room. The letters reveal a devastating secret that shook the village generations ago, and Christian’s family are at the heart of it…

Will trusting Christian with her already fragile heart mean Bel loses everything once again? Or is Christian and the village of Loch Cameron the gift she needs to turn her life around?

Fans of Susanne O’Leary, Debbie Macomber and Pamela Kelley will be utterly swept away by this gripping page-turner about family secrets from USA Today bestseller Kennedy Kerr.
Author Bio

Kennedy Kerr is a USA Today Bestselling fiction author. She adores beaches, lochs and stone circles, and loves writing about small communities, mysteries and family secrets. She has a very cuddly cat called Twinkle who spends her days sleeping: Kennedy aspires to having Twinkle’s nap schedule one day.

Kennedy also loves cooking and baking all types of food, which is almost as much fun as eating it. Her favourite foods include (but are not limited to) Indian food, Victoria sponge, breakfast pastries with coffee and sushi. The only thing she’s not particularly keen on is artichoke, and she’d eat it, anyway.

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