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An American Wife in Paris, by Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger

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1941, Kitty and Edgar have been separated by their roles during the war and both are keen to do anything to defeat the Nazis. But might they need to make the ultimate sacrifice for peace…?
An American Wife in Paris is the second book to feature Kitty during WW2. There are mentions of events in the previous book, The American Wife, so I would suggest reading them in order.
Kitty and Edgar are determined to continue subverting the Nazi regime but this places them both in incredible danger as they work undercover. There is plenty of drama and action as the pair risk their lives for the greater good. Both main characters are extremely brave and as readers we are desperate for them to succeed.
The power of love in the face of the hatred of the Nazis is key to understanding the relationship and decisions of Kitty and Edgar. I felt that the class and gender based social conventions of the historical period were authentic and accurate. The plot is also underpinned by realistic descriptions of the geographical settings and cultural differences.
There is a cliffhanger at the end so you really need to read the next book in order to resolve the story. I know this can frustrate some readers who like a proper conclusion or who dislike a long wait between books so hopefully the next book will arrive shortly!
An American Wife in Paris is a tense historical novel and I look forward to the next book in the series to find out what happens next.
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Book: An American Wife in Paris
Author: Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger 
Pub Day:  July 20th 2023
Buy Link(s): 
UK: https://ow.ly/B1Ng50OUE8n
US: https://ow.ly/rzzz50OUE8o
Listen here: https://ow.ly/7tze50OUE8p
About the Book: 
“If I go back to Paris, it would be my third time there as an undercover agent…” Kitty murmured. “I ask myself, how many chances does one person get?”
Paris, 1941. When Kitty is asked to return to Paris as an undercover agent, she knows the mission is her most dangerous yet. But she has been fighting the Nazis for too long to stop now. And her role within the Resistance has already cost her friends, family and now – almost – her own marriage.
Because while she and Edgar are more in love than ever, his role as an undercover Nazi means it is safer if they are no longer married. And while signing the divorce papers is a formality that breaks her heart, Kitty knows that she and Edgar will find a way to be together when the war is finally over…
More determined than ever to undermine the Nazi regime, Kitty has nothing left to lose. From secretly supplying Prisoner of War camps with essential items, to moving refugees across borders to safety, she will stop at nothing to play her part in bringing the war to a close, even if it means risking her own life.
But when Edgar goes missing, Kitty’s world stops. As she begins a desperate search for her beloved husband, she hears from her contacts that he has been killed. But Kitty feels strongly in her heart that, somewhere out there, Edgar is still alive. And she knows she must risk everything to rescue the man she loves, no matter what…
An absolutely gripping, heartbreaking and powerful story about courage, love and bravery in the midst of World War 2. Perfect for fans of The Nightingale, My Name is Eva and All the Light We Cannot See.
Author Bio

Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger is a Ukrainian-American who transplanted to Austria.

Born in 1969, she grew up in the culture-rich neighborhood of “Nordeast” Minneapolis and started her writing career with short stories, travel narratives, and worked as a journalist and managing magazine editor, before jumping the desk and pursuing her own writing and traveling.

Her books tackle David-vs.-Goliath themes with strong women battling for the Underdogs against a system, be it political, geographical, or industrial. Sometimes all three. “I enjoy discovering the good, the bad, and the ugly in my characters when they come into conflict,” she says. “And all of my stories have been inspired by injustices I’ve discovered along my travels.”

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