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Children’s book review: Sproutzilla Vs Christmas

Sproutzilla Vs Christmas book cover
Sproutzilla Vs Christmas book blurb:
My review:
Sproutzilla Vs Christmas is a fun festive book written by Tom Jamieson and illustrated by Mike Byrne.
A little boy, Jack, loves Christmas but not sprouts (although he has never actually eaten them). This year he has to face his greatest fear as Sproutzilla threatens to ruin Christmas for everyone. Even Father Christmas is in danger and won’t be able to stay safe with Sproutzilla on the rampage. No one can stop him until Jack bravely steps forard to save the world.
The plot is fun and the illustrations bring the words to life. There are plenty of festive scenes and relatable ideas that children and adults will enjoy. We meet dinner ladies and see Christmas trres aplenty!
Most kids hate sprouts but like Jack many have not actauly tried them. This has a deeper meaning that adults will notice about trying new things and not being afraid of the unknown.
Jack confronts his fear and eats the sprouts! To keep the fun tone and appeal to children, there is farting involved as well 🙂 Classic sprout joke! There is a lovely twist on the final page that made me smile as the next nemesis approaches…

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