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Emergence, by Shira Shiloah



Roxanne Roth is a dedicated anaesthesiologist but her former class mate D.K. Webb is less than professional. Mistakes and deaths cannot be ignored but can Roxanne get the senior doctors to take her concerns seriously?
I love medical thrillers so was excited to join in with this book tour. I was NOT disappointed! There was plenty of medical detail and the knowledge of the author really added an authenticity to the narrative. 
I have never had surgery but can imagine the nerves and trust required to put yourself in the power of others. The breach of this trust is the basis for the plot of Emergence and completely compelling reading.
Dr Webb’s abuse of this power is shocking and devious. I would have liked to know more of his motives. Why did he become the way he is? His deliberate actions to maim others are devastating and his acts of vengeance on Roxanne ramps ups the tension.
Roxanne Roth is a great character, hugely likeable, dedicated to her patients and career, always striving to do her best. She also has a vulnerability due to the death of her fiance years earlier: this has made her even more determined to help patients but also held her back with romantic relationships.
In stark contrast to Webb who is selfish, abusive and quite frankly deluded about his god-like power. His cavalier attitude to other people and their lives is detestable, yet his charisma is undeniable.
Overall, Emergence was a fascinating and compelling read and I hope to read more from author Shira Shiloah soon.

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Welcome to the tour for exciting medical thriller, Emergence by Shira Shiloah MD! Read on for an exclusive excerpt and a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card!
Publication Date: September 15th, 2020
Genre: Medical Thriller
Trusted anesthesiologist, Dr. Roxanne Roth, is healing from the loss of her fiancé by consuming her time with work. It doesn’t hurt that her new love interest, Dr. Justin Kirkland, spends almost as much time at the hospital as she does.
Entranced in the throes and complications of new love, Roxanne looks forward to work every day. Her time at the hospital would almost be cathartic if not for Dr. D.K. Webb, a neurosurgeon, who is quickly amassing a pile of complaints – and bodies.
Despite trying to avoid Webb, Roxanne finds herself working alongside the doctor during a routine, low-risk surgery. Fueled by cocaine and ego, Webb intentionally sabotages the case, leading to the patient dying on the operating table.
Roxanne’s tenuous grip on recovery is shattered with her patient’s death, quickly replaced by anger and a drive for justice. Now Roxanne will do anything to protect her patients from the killer on the other side of the sterile surgical field—before he can silence her as well.
In this gripping, sinister medical thriller, Dr. Shira Shiloah will leave readers wondering about the potential evil lurking behind every surgical mask.
“Authentic characters and a vivid hospital setting enhance a tense medical tale.”
– Kirkus Review
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D.K. wasn’t concerned that Mrs. Welty, his grossly obese patient, was unable to swallow. His surgery had cured herdisc and he’d functionally given her a gastric bypass for free. She would lose all that weight, so she and her husband should be thanking him. The med exec board had already flagged the lumbar fusion from last month that woke paraplegic. Now they’d flagged Welty as well and he’d been “invited” to a review next week.

He sauntered into the sushi restaurant and found Crystal, as instructed, waiting for him at the bar. Her outfit was to his specifications as well. A white see-through leotard with the thong clearly visible on her perfect booty; her red skin-tight pants hung low. She wore a white choker further accentuating her perfect deep ebony complexion. Her nails and eyelashes were as long as they were fake. Costume jewelry bracelets decorated her wrists.

He caressed her pierced left nipple and kissed her neck. She smiled and kissed his cheek.

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About the Author


Dr. Shira Shiloah is an anesthesiologist and author of the debut thriller, Emergence, that details Dr. D.K. Webb, a neurosurgeon who intentionally maims and kills his patients in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Shiloah bring both a personal and professional perspective for what may happen when a sociopath holds a scalpel.
Shira Shiloah MD | Twitter | Instagram
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