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Murder in Moscow, by Kelly Oliver

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Fiona Figg follows her heart and the dastardly Fredrick Fredricks to Russia where she is quickly arrested by the Cheka (secret police). Can Kitty save her?
Murder in Moscow is the 5th book in the Fiona Figg and Kitty Lane series of cosy spy and murder mysteries set during WW1.
Despite her doubts, Fiona travels to Russia to meet Fredrick. Instead of a rendezvous, she is arrested alongside a Russian countess and hauled to a prison. Her rescue is organised by Kitty but she is straight back into action working undercover as a nanny for the infamous head of police.
I really like this series of books. There is such a wonderful humour to the tone and style of writing. Most of the book is written from Fiona’s first person narration so we hear her inner voice commenting on her experience. Other chapters are written to show Kitty’s third person perspective on events.
Fiona and Kitty are wonderful characters in their own right but superb when working together. The relationships in the book have developed over the earlier ones in the series but there are no spoilers about any previous plot twists. The romantic tension with Archie and Fredrick continues to occupy Fiona’s thoughts even whilst in danger!
Murder in Moscow is an enjoyable historical spy and murder mystery and a great addition to the series.

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Journey into the heart of 20th Century Russia in this fun and funny historical mystery, perfect for fans of Verity Bright and Helena Dixon.
1918 Moscow
Will following her heart mean losing her head? It could mean losing her job.
Fiona Figg trails her nemesis Fredrick Fredricks to Moscow. But when she arrives at the grand Metropol Hotel, the bounder has vanished.
After Fiona doesn’t show up for work at the War Office, Kitty Lane raises a red flag and tracks her to Russia. Seeking haven at the British Embassy, Kitty and Fiona become embroiled in a plot to overthrow the Bolshevik government.
But the plot turns deadly when Fiona goes undercover as a governess in the household of Iron Viktor, the Bolsheviks’ Head of Secret Police. And when Viktor turns up dead in his study, Fiona finds herself wanted for murder and on the lam.
Can Fiona and Kitty find the real killer and escape the Kremlin before it’s too late? Or will this dangerous game of Russian roulette be their last?
Purchase Link – https://mybook.to/murdermoscowsocial
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Kelly Oliver is the author of three award-winning bestselling mystery series and dozens of nonfiction books.
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