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My Sister’s Baby, by Louise Guy

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TRIGGER WARNING: miscarriage, IVF, adoption, organ donation, brain damage caused by meningitis
Fifteen years ago Toni gave her sister Liv a kidney to save her life. Now Liv offers to give her baby to Toni so that she can have the family she’s always dreamed of…
My Sister’s Baby is a very emotional family drama novel set in Australia.
Toni, Liv and Mandy are united in their grief after their father’s death. Toni and her husband have the additional heartache of having been through several rounds of IVF that ended in miscarriage. The sisters’ mum Sara is struggling to cope with Mandy who suffered brain damage after contracting mengingitis as a child.
Liv has always wanted to repay Toni for donating a kidney to her after a car crash and now she has the chance to make her a mother. Toni accepts her sister Liv’s baby but finds the reality of a newborn difficult to cope with. Meanwhile Liv fraudulently arranges the birth certificate which lead to her getting blackmailed.
There are some big issues covered in this book. I thought they were handled sensitively and gave a depth to the characters. In particular, my heart went out to Mandy who is aware of her limitations and the burden she is to her family. The book is very thought provoking about the impact disability has on siblings, the sacrifices that are made and the resentment this could cause.
Toni finally has what she has always dreamed of but struggles to adapt. I felt so enraged at her husband’s double standards. The author makes many references to Liv’s secrets and it is pretty obvious that there is more than just the birth certificate. The ending was predictable but well written and engaging.
My Sister’s Baby is a hugely emotional book about family and impossible choices.

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My Sister’s Baby
Your sister once saved your life… Would you repay her with the child she’s always dreamed of?
Liv and Toni were once inseparable. While their parents focused on Mandy, their little sister with special needs, the two older sisters leaned on each other for love, support and security.
When they were in their teens, and Liv needed a lifesaving operation, Toni didn’t hesitate to do whatever it took to help her. Since then, their lives have gone in different directions. They live in different cities and rarely see each other. But now it’s Toni who needs help from Liv. Because she’s desperate for a baby…
When Liv finds herself in a situation where she could help Toni fulfil her dream, she wants more than anything to say yes. But Liv is keeping a dark secret. And she can’t help but wonder – is giving a baby to her sister the right thing to do… or will it destroy their family forever?
A gripping emotional page turner. Perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult, Kate Hewitt and Emma Robinson.
Purchase Link – https://mybook.to/MySistersBabySocial
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Author Bio –
Louise Guy, bestselling author of six novels, blends family and friendship themes with unique twists and intrigue. Her characters captivate readers, drawing them deeply into their compelling stories and struggles. Previously published by Lake Union, she lives in Australia.
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