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Not My Child, by Jane E. James

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TRIGGER WARNING: rape, adoption
Dino is struggling after the death of his wife Tara. But he discovers a letter from her which confesses to secrets. It makes him realise he hardly knew his wife at all…
Not My Child is a domestic drama, psychological and crime thriller set in the UK.
Dino is a heartbroken widower trying to make sense of his wife’s death whilst being a loving son to his dad who had Alzheimer’s and a support to his grieving children. He is in frequent contact with the police officer in charge of his wife’s hit and run but fears he didn’t really know or understand the real Tara.
The book is written from Tara’s first person perspective as she reflects on her life and Dino’s viewpoint (and Ryan’s a teeny bit) in the present day. Dino feels betrayed by his wife’s lies but Tara’s narrative shows us her unhappy childhood and teen rape which are hugely emotive. As Tara’s story moves nearer to the present, we are caught up with her obsession with the truth which ultimately led to her death.
The author’s note at the start is open about the unpleasant topic of rape which is depicted in the book. She highlights the facts of poor reporting and conviction rates which underpin the plot. This book includes a rape scene but it is the emotional trauma that follows which is much more upsetting.
Dino is desperate to bring his wife’s killer to justice. There is a mystery for him to unravel as he tries to find the truth behind the secrets. I was concerned by the lead police officer’s familiarity bordering on friendship as I felt it was inappropriate. OK, so I guessed the big twist about a third of the way through, although I did briefly change my mind at the two thirds point before reverting to my original opinion. This didn’t spoil my enjoyment at all as I couldn’t wait to see how events would play out and I wasn’t disappointed.
Not My Child is an emotional and engaging book with plenty of secrets and mystery as well.
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 Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/195076727-not-my-child
Buy Links – https://mybook.to/notmychild-zbt
Book Blurb
All Tara longs for is her lost child to find her. But she should be careful what she wishes for . . .
Tara’s life is almost perfect. Her handsome husband Dino adores her. They have two beautiful children. Although money is tight, their marriage is happy.
But there’s something missing.
Tara can never forget the baby she was forced to give up for adoption all those years ago. The boy she called Ryan. She always wonders what happened to him.
Finally, a young man comes looking for Tara. He says he’s Ryan, her long-lost son.
His arrival will destroy everything in Tara’s carefully-constructed new life.
Because Tara has been keeping secrets from her husband and everyone around her. Secrets that Ryan’s appearance will force into the open — with horrifying consequences.
Perfect for fans of Patricia MacDonald, Lisa Jewell, Shalini Boland, T.M. Logan and Clare Mackintosh.
Author Bio
Jane E. James is a bestselling author who likes to create chilling reads that appeal to fans of psychological suspense thrillers, mysteries, and dark fiction. Her novels are packed with plot twists and turns that keep the reader guessing. All of them are standalone novels.
Jane is an animal lover and lives with her cat, Hero, in a small country village near Stamford, Lincolnshire in the UK, which is known for its quirky tea shops and cobbled streets. Rebecca, Carrie, The Woman in Black and Wuthering Heights are among some of Jane’s favourite reads.
Jane’s Links
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/janeejamesauthor
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/janeejamesauthor
Twitter : https://twitter.com/jane_e_james
Website : http://www.janeejames.com

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