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Prom Queen, by Laura Wolfe

Prom Queen book cover
Brooke and Bailey were best friends until Bailey joined the cheerleading team which started a chain of evenets that led to her apparent suicide. Twenty years later, Brooke returns to her hometown and finds Bailey’s missing necklace. Was Bailey murdered and who kept her necklace hidden for so long…?
Prom Queen is a dual timeline psychological thriller showing us the past and present experience of Brooke as she adjusts to the change to her friendship followed by the mystery surrounding Bailey’s death.
Brooke returns home to renovate then sell her late mother’s house. She meets true crime podcaster Hannah who is wearing a familiar necklace. It belonged to Brooke former best friend Bailey who died on prom night 20 years ago. Hannah doesn’t believe that Bailey’s death was an accident or suicide so calls on Brooke to help her investigate with a view to finding a killer.
The book is written from Brooke’s first person perspective in the past and present. The chapters from the past create suspects and suspicion which Brooke follows up in the present day. I felt desperately sad for the best friends as they split but remain neighbours. I’m sure that almost everyone will have gone through teen friendship angst so will be able to identify with Brooke and Bailey.
There is plenty of mystery as Brooke joins in with the investigation to support the podcast. I suspected eveeryone and had no idea about the truth behind Bailey’s death. Brooke receives anonymous notes that add to the tension as someone thinks she is lying and this could place her in danger. I was not expecting the huge twist at the end!
Prom Queen is an intriguing mystery with a strong narrator.
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Book: Prom Queen 
Author: Laura Wolfe 
Pub Day: October 9th 2023 
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About the Book: 
Twenty years ago, someone murdered my best friend the night she was crowned prom queen. Now I’m finally going to prove it…
After Bailey died, I fled our small lakeside hometown and never returned. But now I’m forced back here and I can’t avoid the constant whispers about our prom night, the suspicious looks of the people I grew up with.
Then I bump into a woman in a coffee shop and my eyes are drawn to the silver locket around her neck, glinting in the sunlight. My blood runs cold. I know it’s Bailey’s—she never took it off. And it’s been missing since the night she died.
The shock of seeing it again jolts me back to that terrible night: Bailey under the glittering lights, blowing kisses to a crowd glaring furiously back at her. Bailey wasn’t supposed to be prom queen—and someone made her pay for it.
Officially her death was ruled a tragic accident, but I knew better. I’ve never seen this woman before, so why does she have my best friend’s necklace? There has to be a reason, and this time I’ll stop at nothing to find out what really happened to Bailey the night she died.
Everyone in this town has secrets. But as I edge closer to the truth, I’m afraid of what lengths they’ll go to protect them…
A gripping psychological thriller with a twist that will make your jaw drop, perfect for fans of The Woman in the Window, The Wife Between Us and Lisa Jewell.
Author Bio and Social Media 
Laura Wolfe is an Amazon charts bestselling author who writes twisty, fast-paced psychological thrillers and suspense novels published by Bookouture. Her indie titles have also been shortlisted for multiple book awards. Laura is a lover of animals and nature. When she is not writing, she can be found hanging out with her husband and two kids, growing vegetables in her garden, or spoiling her rescue dog. She enjoys living in Ann Arbor, Michigan
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