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Queen of Diamonds, by Gillian Godden

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Patsy is the new head of the Diamond family and gang so she needs to assert her authority as well as deal with some issues from the past…
Queen of Diamonds is the 3rd book in the Diamond series. I would advise reading the books in order as this is the first book that I have read and I was confused by the relationships between the characters and the whole host of backstory given at the start.
I felt that the main plot didn’t really start until a quarter of the way through the book. The first part of the book seemed to be recapping the past plotlines and the connections between the characters.
Patsy needs to assert her new power and prove she is a worthy leader after the death of her husband and his grandmother. She also has to deal with the fallout from their choices and her own within the family as well as the criminal underworld. The past plays a strong role in this book but the present is just as dangerous. Family and loyalty are important themes in the book.
The characters have a softer side and this allows us to understand them and their emotions and actions. There is also the darker level that you would expect from a gang novel so there is swearing, drug dealing, prostitution, violence and death.
Queen of Diamonds is a gritty gang crime novel.
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Queen of Diamonds
Is the Diamond reign over?
Head of the Diamond family, Patsy is determined to make a success of husband Nick’s gangland empire – whatever the cost. Nick was ruthless and cold-blooded, but he built a legacy that Patsy wants to protect.
So when a mysterious woman from Nick’s past turns up claiming to be Patsy’s new business partner, she senses trouble. Karen Duret demands Patsy’s help, but it comes with a catch. If Patsy refuses, Karen threatens to expose the Diamond family’s darkest secrets…
Patsy needs the help of her trusted allies more than ever, but when a rival gang start a turf war, the stakes suddenly become deadly.
Torn between loyalties, Patsy knows that blood will be spilled. And as battle commences, the question on everyone’s lips is – who will be crowned the queen of diamonds?
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Author Bio –
Gillian Godden is a brilliantly reviewed writer of gangland fiction as well as a full-time NHS Key Worker in Hull. She lived in London for over thirty years, where she sets her thrillers, and during this time worked in various stripper pubs and venues which have inspired her stories.
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