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The Baby Detective, by Sarah Norris

Not the usual type of book that I review but I was drawn to this baby advice book having devoured many during my three sets of newborn days and first months.
Sarah Norris does not promise to make you an expert on all babies. Instead, she aims to give you the skills to decode what your invidiudal baby is trying to tell you. She treats this in a methodical way in the same way that the police may undertake a case. Lots of questions and note taking are essential!
Sarah’s method has 3 elements which she summarises as AIM: assess, investigate, modify. The first stage involves lots of honesty about what the circumstances are. It can be difficult to be objective when investigating the reasons for reactions but it needs to be in order to modify the situation.
Most advice books try to give you answers and claim to have the only way to do things. The Baby Detective does not try to do this. All babies are unique due to their temperament and emotional responses so enviromental factors and biological needs are responded to in a different way, meaning that what works for one baby won’t work for another.
I worry that some parents might disregard this book as they are desperate for a quick fix but I actually agree with Sarah’s philosophy of treating your baby as an individual. Having had three babies, I know how different they can be!

The Baby Detective by Sarah Norris
  • Paperback:304 pages
  • Publisher:Orion Spring; 01 edition (7 Sept. 2017)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:1409168425
  • ISBN-13:978-1409168423
Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Baby-Detective-Solve-your-problems/dp/1409168425/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1548969994&sr=1-1
BLURB The only parenting book that offers a unique, step-by-step guide to enable parents to solve baby care problems for themselves.
The Baby Detective is the only book of the parenting genre to develop a unique, step-by-step investigative process that will enable parents to solve their own baby care problems.
It puts them firmly back in the driving seat, giving them the tools to do away with sometimes conflicting and confusing expert advice, and to face parenting challenges using their own intuition.
Drawing on case studies of Sarah’s previous clients, the book is based around her unique principle of AIM, in which parents are guided through the process of Assessing a problematic situation, Investigating the possible causes and Modifying behaviour in order to resolve it.
It provides insight in to how and why environment, biology and personality interact to affect your baby, as well as suggesting numerous tips and strategies for remedying problems.



With 25 years experience Sarah is one of the top Maternity Nurses and Baby Care Consultants in the UK, and is the author of the exciting new parenting book ‘The Baby Detective’, with Orion Books.
In her role as The Baby Detective, Sarah employs her unique investigative approach, based on clear thinking, common sense and compassion, to empower and encourage new parents, and to help guide and support them through the confusion that is modern day parenting.
Sarah is passionate about her work and is dedicated to providing advice that is non judgemental and unbiased, is equally supportive of all parenting and feeding methods, and is always respectful of the parents choices.
Website: http://www.babydetective.co.uk/
Twitter: @Baby_Detective

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