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The Girls on Chalk Hill, by Alison Belsham

The Girls on Chalk Hill book cover
Lexi Bennett is out on a run before starting her new job when she discovers the murdered bodies of teenaged twins. Lexi meets her new police colleagues as she gets straight to work and finds out that triplets went missing days ago. Where is the third sister?
The Girls on Chalk Hill is the first book in a new detective thriller series set in Kent, England.
Lexi starts her new job with a bang! She finds two dead bodies and swings straight into action securing the scene and meeting her new team. The teen triplets had been listed as missing and now two are dead so the police are frantic to find clues to the final triplet’s location. There is a very personal dimension to the case as Lexi herself is a triplet and was kidnapped along with her sisters. She and one sister escaped but the third was never found. Could it be coincidence that she is now dealing with a triplet murder?
The majority of the book is written in the third person to show the criminal investigation. However, some chapters give the killer’s perspective which is deeply chilling. The writing style is easy to read and I was plunged straight into the case along with Lexi. I liked the way that we are presented with the setting and other characters alongside Lexi and get to learn about her too as she introduces herself to her colleagues.
The pace is quite fast as the police track down clues before time runs out for the final triplet. The killer’s perspective adds to the tension as we see their fixation on Lexi.
The Girls on Chalk Hill is a great start to a new series and I can’t wait to read the next book.
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Pub Day: JUNE 26TH 2023
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UK: http://ow.ly/rkF450OgI03
US: http://ow.ly/chLb50OgI02
Listen here: http://ow.ly/1UQ550OgI01 
About the Book: 
They lie on the hillside, wearing matching white dresses, tiaras in their blonde hair. Each of them clutches a red rose. They could be sleeping, but frost shines on the lashes of their wide blue eyes, frozen open forever…
Detective Lexi Bennett is devastated when she finds the two teenagers lying side by side on the quiet green hillside, their throats cut. Convinced this is no ordinary killer, she vows to draw on all her profiling experience to find justice for these beautiful girls who will never have the chance to grow up.
But when the victims are identified as Lucy and Eden Carter, Lexi’s blood turns cold. The sisters were triplets – and the third girl, Paige, is missing. The case suddenly feels frighteningly personal. Lexi was a triplet too, and she and her sisters were abducted as teens. Two of them escaped but Lexi’s dreams are still haunted by memories of the faceless man who took them, and her sister Rose, who she never saw again.
Her boss thinks she’s too close to the case, but Lexi is sure the monster who took her is back with a message. She throws herself into the investigation, hunting down every clue, certain that time is running out to save Paige.
Then she returns home to find the back door open and Rose’s diary on the kitchen table. As she traces her beloved sister’s handwriting, her heart breaking, Lexi swears she will not rest until this brutal monster is caught. Will the diary help her find him before Paige is killed? Or is she walking into a trap designed just for her?
A completely compelling serial killer thriller that will make your pulse race on every page. Fans of Karin Slaughter, Angela Marsons and J M Dalgliesh will love The Girls on Chalk Hill.

Author Bio
In 2016, I entered and won Bloody Scotland’s Pitch Perfect competition. This secured me an agent and a three-book publishing deal with Orion for my police procedural series set in the world of tattoos and tattooing. My first novel, The Tattoo Thief, was translated into 15 languages, was a No 1 bestseller in Italy and is the first instalment of the internationally acclaimed Tattoo Thief trilogy. I also write in collaboration with my brother Nick Higgins – Canelo has published our action thriller series set in Afghanistan, Death In Kabul and Death in Helmand. Now I’m embarking on a fresh crime series with Bookouture. It’s set in Canterbury, featuring DI Lexi Bennett, newly appointed to lead the Major Incident Team after a spell working with the FBI’s specialist serial killer unit.
I divide my time between London and Edinburgh, where I am a co-founder of the Edinburgh Writers’ Forum, providing professional development and networking for writers.
To learn more about me and the books I write, visit my website at www.alisonbelsham.com
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