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The Hospital, by Leslie Wolfe

Emma wakes in hospital. Her eyes are bandaged, she can barely move, and her memory is missing. She is terrified that she will be attacked while vulnerable, even though she can’t remember who or why she has been injured…
The Hospital is a psychological thriller set in America.
Poor Emma. Her fear is palpable as she lies in a hospital bed, completely reliant on others as she has lost her sight and her memory and can barely move. I could imagine her panic so vividly as it is well described. The hospital staff offer to protect her but she doesn’t know who to trust or even if she can trust her own mind as memories begin to come back.
Most of the book is written from Emma’s first person perspective as she tries to make sense of her situation and injuries. Her memories gradually come back and she has a lot to process. There are also some chapters that show her stalker and this raises the tension as we know she is not imagining the danger she faces.
There is a great mystery surrounding the attack which is maintained. However, the plot moves very slowly and I felt frustrated by the repetitive scenes of her waking confused, feeling sorry for herself and then remembering something. I’m much too impatient!
The Hospital is an intense but slow burn psychological thriller that plays on fear and vulnerability.

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Author:     Leslie Wolfe
Book:     The Hospital
Publication Day:  May 24th 2024
Buy link(s): https://geni.us/B0CYZMRJHVsocial
When I wake up, I know three things. My name is Emma. Someone tried to kill me. And I can’t remember who.
When I blink, my eyelashes brush against scratchy cloth. My fingers twitch, numb and distant. In the distance, sirens wail. I’m in the hospital.
I should be safe here, but I know I’m not. The last thing I remember is running, seeing an arm raised to strike… Why would anyone want to kill me?
Desperately, I piece together my scattered memories. I’m standing with my husband on sugar-white sand, our rings glinting in the sunlight. I’ll get better, and I’ll go home to him, and he will protect me.
But when he visits, his new girlfriend is on his arm. He tells me we got divorced three years ago, and my world falls apart. What else have I forgotten?
The only way I can keep myself safe is to uncover the answers buried deep in my mind. But as I talk to my visitors—listening to the gentle tones of the doctors and nurses, grateful for the care of my friends and family—I start to see the lies that contradict what I remember of my life.
They say it’s just my broken memory. But I know the shocking truth: I can’t trust a word anyone says…
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Author Bio:
Meet Leslie Wolfe, bestselling author and mastermind behind gripping thrillers that have won the hearts of over a million readers worldwide. She brings a fresh and invigorating touch to the thriller genre, crafting compelling narratives around unforgettable, powerhouse women. Her books are not only an adrenaline-packed ride, but they’re also sprinkled with psychological insights, offering readers an immersive, authentic experience that goes beyond conventional suspense.
You might know her from the Detective Kay Sharp series or have been hooked by Tess Winnett’s relentless pursuit of justice. Maybe you’ve followed the dynamic duo Baxter & Holt through the gritty streets of Las Vegas or plunged into political intrigue with Alex Hoffmann.
Recently, Leslie published The Girl You Killed, a psychological thriller that’s pure, unputdownable suspense. This standalone novel will have fans of The Undoing, The Silent Patient, and Little Fires Everywhere on the edge of their seats.
Whether you’re into the mind games of Criminal Minds, love crime thrillers like James Patterson’s, or enjoy the heart-pounding tension in Kendra Elliot and Robert Dugoni’s mysteries, Leslie’s got a thriller series for you. Fans of action-packed writers like Tom Clancy or Lee Child will find plenty to love in her Alex Hoffmann series.
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Website: www.WolfeNovels.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AuthorLeslieWolfe
Twitter:   https://twitter.com/LWNovels
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wolfe.leslie/
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