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The Orphans of Berlin, by Jina Bacarr

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TRIGGER WARNING: infant death, Nazi brutality
1942, Paris: two Jewish refugee girls are captured by the Nazis. Their elder sister hides at the request of her Resistance lover who is the father of her unborn child. She heads to the Ritz to the American woman she hopes can save them all…
The Orphans of Berlin is an historical novel set in the 1930s and 40s. It begins in 1942 showing us the dire circumstances that the Jewish Landau family find themselves in. It then moves back in time to show the terrible situation they escaped in Germany as well as the sadness of Kay who helped them escape.
Both Kay and Rachel face dreadful emotional circumstances. The Jewish girls experience shocking cruelty from other children as well as adults. I found this very upsetting especially as I awaited physical abuse to follow. Kay’s mother’s emotionally bullying behaviour was so awful and I didn’t blame Kay for wanting to strike out on her own.
The book is written from the alternating first person viewpoints of the main two women. Both narratives made me emotionally involved with the events that were depicted. The women had an energy and devotion to family that transcended their terrible experiences. I felt that the epilogue rounded off most of the character arcs and concluded the plot effectively.
The Orphans of Berlin is an emotional historical novel about the personal and international troubles caused by social and political unrest in the 1930s.
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The Orphans of Berlin
A heartbreaking World War 2 novel that tells the story of two women’s fight for love, family and hope, as the world crumbles around them. Based on the true story of the Kindertransport rescue from Nazi-occupied Europe.
Berlin, 1936. The Landau family are at the heart of their community, running a music shop in Berlin and just trying to survive. But their lives are unravelling as Hitler’s power increases and the treatment of Jewish families deteriorates. Eldest daughter, Rachel, fears for her sisters’ future and will do anything she can to keep them safe. Will she find hope in the darkness?
Paris, 1936. As whispers of war travel over from Europe, American debutante Kay escapes her mother’s grasp and travels as a reluctant spy from Paris to Berlin. But a chance meeting with the Landau family will change her life forever. Kay is determined to give Rachel and her sisters a fighting chance in a society where the youngest are paying the ultimate price, even if it means making dangerous enemies along the way…
As the world marches toward war, these brave women will find strength in joining forces to save the ones they love. But they will need the support of one another more than they will ever realise in order to survive…
A gripping and heart-wrenching historical novel about hope, tragedy and two women’s limitless courage. Perfect for fans of The Tattooist of Auschwitz, The Nightingale and My Name is Eva.
Purchase Link – https://amzn.to/3A64rjQ
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Author Bio –
Jina Bacarr is a US-based historical romance author of over 10 previous books. She has been a screenwriter, journalist and news reporter, but now writes full-time and lives in LA. Jina’s novels have been sold in 9 territories. Her first novel with Boldwood is called Her Lost Love.
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    Thank you, Laura, for a wonderful review for THE ORPHANS OF BERLIN. Yes, it was a terrible time, but instead of focusing on the physical horrors of the war, I wanted to show how emotional and mental scars formed during those years, how their survived and found peace finally.

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