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The Snow Storm, by Triona Walsh

The Snow Storm book cover
Six friends gather on a remote island, finally reunited after 10 years apart. but one friend never arrives at the gathering and is found dead the following morning. Her death occurred after the last boat departed so the friends are trapped on the island with a killer…
The Snow Storm is a murder mystery thriller set on a small Irish island.
Police officer Cara has always felt like an outsider on the island. Her husband died 10 years ago and her friends dispersed but she stayed to raise her children. Now Cara is forced to investigate the murder of her formerly close friend Maura.
The claustrophobic atmosphere is maintained well throughout the book. The weather and landscape feautre heavily and provide a lot of description. I found the pace quite slow as Cara needs to battle against the elements to get anywhere physically with the case and then has to take time to warm up or dry out.
The murder itself is quite emotional as the friends consider their wasted years. Memories from the past and tension between the friends stir up various feelings and Cara wonders who she can trust on the island. I was sympathetic to Cara as she is treated as an outsider, is still dealing with her grief, and I really felt her heartache at having to examine the body of her friend.
The Snow Storm is an intriguing and atmospheric murder mystery.
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Book: The Snowstorm
Author: Tríona Walsh
Pub Day:  February 2nd 2023
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About the Book: 
It’s an icy New Year’s Eve. Snow blankets a windswept Irish island as the wild Atlantic Ocean rages.
Six friends gather. It has been ten years since the tragedy that tore them apart. A lot can change in a decade…
Childhood bonds are now lifelong secrets.
Dear friendships have twisted into deep jealousies.
A happy reunion is shattered by a dead body.
The celebrations have barely begun when one of the guests goes missing. As the snow thickens, the body is found.
Then the storm wreaks havoc on the island. Everyone is trapped – there is no way out. No electricity. No phone signal.
Nobody knows who to trust. No one is who they seem. Because one of them is a killer, and one will be dead next…
An utterly gripping thriller that will have you hooked from the very first page until the final jaw-dropping, heart-racing twist. Fans of Catherine Cooper, Lucy Foley and Ruth Ware will be glued to the pages of this unmissable locked-room mystery.
Author Bio
Tríona Walsh loves reading and writing crime novels but is fairly law abiding in real life. A twice winner of the Irish Writers Centre Novel Fair competition she lives in Dublin with her four kids, three cats and one husband.
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