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Treachery at Hursley Park House, by Claire Gradidge

Josy Fox is undercover at Hursley House trying to investigate the death and possibly traitorous behaviour of a young man. Bram Nash, her childhood friend, lover and employer is also called upon to investigate the case by the young man’s father. Could both of them be in damger…?
Treachery at Hursley Park House is the sequel to The Unexpected Return of Josephine Fox.
Time has skipped forward a couple of years and Jo has been seconded to a secret mission while Bram is approached by an old friend. They are both looking into a suspicious death which directly relates to potential espionage. Important papers are at risk of being given to the enemy and there could even be a Nazi presence in leafy Hampshire (perhaps not that leafy as it is winter!)
Jo feels out of her depth and very isolated as she is separated from Bram and her other friends. She is almost grateful when Bram turns up to look into the death as well. Of course this leads to their personal relationship coming to the fore again. Both lead characters have a lot of emotional baggage but are unable to deny their feelings completely.
I liked the historical detail, and the descriptions of the weather and location bring the secens to life. The narrative is once again from Jo’s first person perspective and Bram’s third person but our empathy is with both equally.
Treachery at Hursley Park House is an entertaining historical murder mystery and there is a great personal cliffhanger ready for the next book!
Treachery at Hursley Park House book cover
Book blurb:
December 1942. As the war rages on, the accidental death of a young man is almost unremarkable. Except this young man was patrolling the grounds of Hursley Park House, where teams are designing crucial modifications to the Spitfire – and he was found clutching part of a blueprint.
January 1943. Josephine Fox is given a code name and a mission as she is seconded to Hursley: uncover the network responsible for information leaks to the enemy. And when the dead man’s father visits Bram Nash convinced that his son was innocent of espionage and the victim of murder, her friend is also drawn into the investigation.
But as Jo and Bram circle closer to the truth, danger is closing in around them….

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