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Your Perfect Life, by Victoria Jenkins

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Anna and Siobhan are cousins but haven’t seen each other for years. Anna is desperate to reconnect and envies Siobhan’s perfect life. But in reality, Siobhan has an enemy stalking her…
Your Perfect Life is a psychological thriller set in London.
Siobhan has a good career but Anna is unemployed. Siobhan seems to have it all and Anna wants to be part of her life, basking in her reflected glory. Yet Siobhan is spooked by the delivery of a dozen black roses and a sinister voice calls in to her radio show. Both characters hint at something from their past and it is not going to stay hidden any longer.
The book is written from the first person perspectives of Siobhan and Anna so we can experience their emotions and understand their actions. A quarter of the way through, there was a major shift in emphasis as we realise Anna’s darker side and this increased the tension as we anticipate what could happen as she grows closer to Siobhan.
I really liked the way the alternating chapters allowed us to get to know the two main characters. It isn’t easy to like either of the women although they felt authentic due to the narrative style. There are lots of clues about the past as well as shocking developments in the present day. I was swept up in the drama as the plot unfolded.
Your Perfect Life is an enjoyable psychological thriller with two strong lead characters.
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Book: Your Perfect Life
Author: Victoria Jenkins
Pub Day: Jan 19th 2024
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About the Book:
‘Your life is perfect.’ Anna says, smiling across my dining table. But something in her tone and the glint in her hazel eyes lets me know the comment is laced with jealousy. I sip my wine and smile. Soon she’ll learn that having this life costs more than she could ever imagine…
Everyone thinks I’m living the perfect life. I have my dream job, a stunning apartment, and glamourous friends – who know nothing about my dark past. So I’m shocked when I run into Anna, who I haven’t seen in eighteen years. Everything about her reminds me of the life I’ve left behind. But as her eyes fill with tears and she tells me she’s lost her job and can’t pay her rent, I reluctantly offer her my spare room.
Anna promises she won’t stay for long. But soon, I notice she’s wearing my designer clothes and has dyed her hair to match my exact shade of chocolate brown. As I watch her curled up on my sofa, my blood runs cold. Did Anna really come back into my life by chance? What is she hiding?
Then I receive a chilling anonymous phone call telling me my time is up. Memories of that terrible night that changed everything come flooding back. The flames. The thick smoke. Someone knows what I did, and they want revenge.
But whoever that someone is, they’ve underestimated how far I’ll go to protect my perfect life…
Author Bio and Social Media
Victoria Jenkins lives with her husband and daughters in South Wales, where her bestselling series of crime novels featuring Detectives King and Lane is based. The first in the series, The Girls in the Water is a top 5 US kindle bestseller. She has an MA in Creative and Media Writing from the University of Wales, Swansea.
Since the King and Lane series, she has written eight standalone psychological thrillers.

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