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Project 365 2018

#Project365 week 42

Day 287: glitter glitter everywhere! Anya has been randomly crafting things but mostly decorating the table apparently… Day 288: bit of a wet week, starting with the Monday school run and the need to frantically search for the pushchair rain cover Day 289: pasta is popular in our home but I normally steer clear of […]

#Project365 week 40: October already?!

Quite a packed week! Day 273: time for a bit of bike practice Day 274: Zach has discovered gloves and LOVES them! Day 275: Anya had a day off as she had a tummy ache. So much work to get done but instead she was doing my hair and declared these bunches ‘adorable’. Day 276: […]

#Project365 week 39

Day 266: Matthew got busy in the kitchen making star shaped biscuits for his space homework: find the recipe here! Day 267: a sunny search for conkers on the afternoon school run Day 268: Zach working hard on his homework from preschool Day 269: two evening meetings in a row for two of my jobs […]

#Project365 week 38 toys, teeth and tasty

Day 259: Blog On Toys and this is Alex Winters who used to present on CBeebies. It was an hilarious hour of insights, tips and gossip 🙂 Day 260: while I was away Anya lost her first tooth (Matthew still hasn’t lost any!) so there was much excitement in the morning before school as she […]

#Project365 week 37

A week with a lot of pride: in myself for driving all the way to Manchester and partying the night away with the Blog On bloggers, and with my children for their achievements and enthusiam to try new things. Like my coffee cake… Day 252: Ollie looking particularly majestic while waiting to see if any […]