My very own website!!! Yikes!

#Project365 week 40: October already?!

Quite a packed week!
Day 273: time for a bit of bike practice

Day 274: Zach has discovered gloves and LOVES them!

Day 275: Anya had a day off as she had a tummy ache. So much work to get done but instead she was doing my hair and declared these bunches ‘adorable’.

Day 276: well, at least someone gets to sleep in… Zach is being a terrible sleeper at the moment and I’m in with him most of the night (scrunched into a toddler bed: not comfy) then I normally head back to bed and he joins us around 5am 🙁

Day 277: not a picture of mine and technically from yesterday but this is Matthew doing archery at Cubs

Day 278: definitely feeling cold but my new gloves let me use my phone without having to take them off, yay!

Day 279: haircuts for the boys!


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