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Project365 2019

#Project365 week 11

Day69: an early Mother’s Day meal at ERIKI near Heathrow. My vegan, wheat free thali was delicious! Day 70: Anya was thrilled to bring home Billy the Beaver for the week. I was slightly less happy… Day 71: thoroughly fed up with the wet weather Day 72: lunch with a friend was finished off with […]

#Project365 week 10

Day 62: family day with my sister and her children. We forgot to get any pics until we were all leaving: Zach was not being cooperative!   Day 63: every single morning starts like this! Zach comes in during the night and gradually pushes us out! I start where his feet are (I always like […]

#Project365 week 9

  Day 55: enjoying our day out at the Reading Brick Show Day 56: Anya started a new topic at school and had to go in as a detective Day 57: OMG what gorgeous weather! Just look at that blue sky and blossom is making an appearance… Day 58: on the way home from Zach’s […]

#Project365 week 8: half term

Day 48: time to experiment in the kitchen in preparation for Pancake Day in a couple of weeks. Very proud of these vegan chocolate pancakes that were scrummy! Day 49: time for some girly time with Anya. We had a vegan purple face mask and then I painted her nails (vegan nail polish) and watched […]

#Project365 week 7

Day 41: Chris and I went out to lunch for our 6 month wedding anniversary (that long already!) but I was disappointed that Harvester refused to swap my peas for chips so I had to pay extra. This cost £12.98. The salad bar wasn’t labelled, they had no wheat free bread and no pudding. It […]