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End of an era (and peace and quiet) (Tuesday 21st March)


I’ve made the big decision to stop breastfeeding Zach during the day. I have been quite lazy and enjoyed a relaxing sit down with my book twice a day. But I’m not doing him any favours, he needs to learn to get himself to sleep during the day in the same way that he already does at night. Plus it is time to reclaim my body, my housework and my time 🙂

So here is a photo of him yesterday after his feed, enjoying his last nap on my lap (face down?!) while I enjoy a last chapter read in peace.

This morning he has beaten me. He screamed for 40 minutes in his cot. I caved in and got him up whereby he promptly fell asleep in my arms. He woke the second I put him back in the cot so I gave up. He slept in the pushchair when getting Anya after her morning at preschool.

Zach 1: Laura nil.

I then approached what should have been his afternoon nap session and he was wide awake so there was absolutely no point in attempting to put him in his cot 🙁

I left it as late as I could before the afternoon school run before trying to get him to sleep but still no joy. He slept in the pushchair again.

Zach 2: Laura nil.

It is now 6.30pm and we both look exhausted a more than a little frazzled. I’m counting down the seconds to bath and bed time.

I may have lost the battle today. But I will win the war…

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  1. I was lucky in that once we were both settled at home our son settled for naps quite well. I also remember giving up bf-ing during the day and I was more traumatised than him. I actually regretted giving up when I did.

  2. Second time around I think I’ve been much more relaxed with sleep… Wills often ends up in the pram during the day just because he seems to settle better in there. Good luck with the war!! #stayclassymama

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