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Friday 16th September


The world is full of them and I frequently shout IDIOTS throughout the day. Especially on rainy days.

The heavens were open this morning for the school run. Luckily my mum had come over so I just had to worry about me and Matt getting soggy. Unluckily, selfish idiots were on the road who wouldn’t let us cross. There used to be a lovely little old lollipop man but he had to give up for health reasons. Now we have to fend for ourselves. The thing that REALLY winds me up is that most of the cars are turning down the road to drop their kids at the same school as we’re headed to. But they cannot take a few seconds to allow us to cross the road?! One time, in even an even worse downpour, I was stood there with all three kids for over 5 minutes. Then once we finally get across, the road is so full of holes that there are huge puddles near the kerb and these same IDIOTS splash us. Now, I am a driver myself and I know that slowing down helps even if it doesn’t completely avoids splashing. But one time the splash went over my head! IDIOT!

I get annoyed by the inconsiderate cyclists who cycle on the pavement. IT IS ILLEGAL!!! And I tell them. Mostly boys on their way to or from the secondary school but there was one junior school girl who said in a loud voice to her friend ‘I hate doing this’ and then rang her bell to get me to move. I didn’t. I turned around and told her to get off the pavement and stop endangering pedestrians. She mumbled ‘sorry’ and got on the road.

I have also told children off for littering and they have dutifully retrieved their rubbish. I hope other adults would do the same for my children if they were foolish enough to disrespect their fellow humans or the environment. I’m not a tyrant and certainly not the best parent in the world but I want my children to be responsible and good people and they deserve to be in a world of like minded peers.

Anyway the school run is over and I am feeling slightly more human now that I’ve dried off a little.

Anya spent half an hour eating a packet of crisps. Not that I’m complaining because Zach had his nap so I was able to get on with work in peace. Unlike in the week when Anya went very quiet while I was working and when I checked on her I found she had drawn smiley faces all over her legs. And it didn’t wash off so we got some funny looks in her ballet lesson.

I harvested our 4 tomatoes yesterday because I couldn’t bear my mum coming round and commenting yet again!

Our house smells of apple, pear and strawberry puree that I made for Zach today. Much nicer than the cauliflower and broccoli of yesterday… I must admit I’m looking forward to cooking normal food again: cheese scones, jam tarts etc. When I was weaning Matthew I made everything from scratch, all my own fish fingers, chicken strips and he basically HATED them. Then I introduced him to shop-bought and I haven’t looked back!

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