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#MySundayPhoto 2nd July

I originally planned to show a picture of me being wrestled by Matthew and Anya (check out my Instagram to see it!), but the events of yesterday have overshadowed that.
Instead, I want to share with you a photo of Matthew after gashing his head open and being treated at hospital.
He was running home after the school summer fair. Full of happiness and cake. Then he tripped and fell into a wooden post, narrowly missing his eye.
More details to follow in a blog post but for now I just want everyone to take a moment to appreciate the NHS staff that take care of our sick and injured everyday. A service we hope we never need but one we are grateful to have.


  1. Bless him the poor little thing. The NHS really are amazing. I’ve just been in and out of hospital with an ectopic pregnancy and I honestly couldn’t praise all of the staff I came in contact with enough. Such a brilliant service. xx

  2. ouch, poor little guy! I agree, the hospital staff do an amazing job, one I can safely say I could never do. they see hear and put up with so much in their roles and def need more credit! good shout out post! x

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