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Sunday 11th September 2016

So I survived the first week back at school and preschool. Zach hasn’t gone doolally just in my company. Matthew and Anya had a good time and have settled in well. Phew!

Matt has had his hair cut at last so he is no longer resembling the lovechild of Wolverine and Chewbacca. Anya has started ballet lessons: she still resembles a herd of elephants clumpfing across the room but she’ll get there. Zach is experimenting with vocalisations which sadly involves lot of screeching, squawking and the death throes of a banshee.

Matt and Anya have been keeping my spirits up by singing I Want It That Way at a variety of volumes, with odd lyrics and even more bizarre melody. It used to be one of my favourite songs, reminding me of university and typing essays to cheesy pop. Now those memories are as destroyed as my stomach muscles.

I had hoped that my house would look spectacular as I cleaned and tidied in all my newly discovered spare time: I had forgotten the demands of a four month old who likes to surprise me with a mixture of short and long naps (mostly short!) to keep me on my toes. On Friday I finally managed to sew on Matt’s Beavers badge which has been sat on the mantelpiece for 8 weeks challenging me to get around to it.

Changing Zach’s nappy is a family affair and Matthew and Anya insist on being present. Now he’s weaning though, the smell is not overly pleasant. Matthew has coined the phrase ‘poopsick’ to described how the smell makes him feel. Consequently, I am walking around the house singing ‘poopsick’ to the tune of Toot Sweets from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

In happier news: Cooking Fever has updated and now has an alpine restaurant, yay! Just done a couple of levels and the equipment is frustratingly slow but I don’t have the gems to upgrade at the moment. (The gems issue is REALLY annoying as they are so hard to get unless you want to pay AND I DO NOT!!!)

I keep deciding to delete Sims Freeplay and then they update and I carry on for a week and then give up again until the next update. Apparently there is a hospital but I have to unlock it once the station tasks are completed. I have very few simoleons though so probably won’t be able to build it anyway.



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