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Year in Review #Blogtober17 day 25

It is only October but the topic for today is a review of the year so I will have a look back at the past 10 months with a few choice highlights (or low lights!).
JANUARY: Anya’s preschool bear
FEBRUARY: a romantic date at our favourite restaurant for Valentine’s Day
MARCH: pitta bread pizzas for Mother’s Day at Beavers
APRIL: Didcot Railway 50th anniversary and Zach’s 1st birthday
MAY: 20 years school reunion and Zach’s first shoes
JUNE: Legoland!
JULY: Matthew’s head injury and our Isle of Wight holiday
AUGUST: Marwell Zoo (and Brick Safari!)
SEPTEMBER: Anya starting infants/Matthew starting juniors, BlogOnXmas
OCTOBER: Blog Camp OnBoard

It was lovely looking back through my year of photos and it was so hard to pick just a few!


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