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Zach’s first birthday!

We were spoilt with the weather last weekend for TWO parties! We wanted to share Zach’s big day with as many people as possible, and so we welcomed friends and family to our home (panic housework required!.
Birthday boy had an amazing time and was full of smiles as always 🙂

Birthday boy! #family #stillmybaby #birthday

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Big brother and sister also had a great time in the sun:

Super cool dude

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Cool dude fairy princess

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Despite my previous post panicking about cake, I cheated with the cakes and bought 2, but sneakily made the cake for his actual birthday for me (mocha cake, wheat free) as everyone else was a bit caked out by that stage and I hadn’t had any!

I admit to being a little choked up at the thought of my littlest baby not being a baby any more. But then I have to pull myself together and appreciate the person he is becoming.


  1. Beautiful photos. I especially love the cool dude sat with his plate upon his knee. And isn’t it amazing how much housework you can get done in the ten minutes before quests arrive.

    My own sons are now 18 and 15 but I remember my eldest’s first birthday. Such happy memories.

    Lovely post, thank you.


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