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A winter visit to Jane Austen’s House and Chawton House

Last summer we visited Jane Austen’s House and Chawton House in Hampshire. Tickets are valid for a year so me and my mum decided to visit them both in winter to see the seasonal contrast and enjoy some festive sights.

Jane Austen’s House is currently undergoing significant roof works. It doesn’t looks quite so picturesque as usual due to the scaffolding! However, I am hoping that the roof tile we sponsored in August is now in place.

The house itself is set for winter with additional exhibits and information about the six winters Jane Austen spent in the house. The shutters are mostly closed and the candles lit so the place is much darker and atmospheric.

We were disappointed that St Nicholas’ Church was still closed and there is no information about when visits will be possible. Another problem was the mud and I slipped over whilst walking to the kiosk for the house 🙁
Chawton House looked respendent in Christmas decorations. There was a twilight walk aroung the glittering gardens but we did not stay for that.


The highlight of our visit was the knitted festive creations dotted throughout the house. I wish I’d brought the kids as they would have loved searching for each one!


We are planning a return visit in the spring to see how the roof work at Jane Austen’s House is progressing, hopefully go inside St Nicholas’ Church, and see Chawton in bloom.


  1. What a lovely day trip, and how festive it all looks there! I watched Pride and Prejudice with my little one last weekend, and this would be an amazing follow up to visit Jane Austen’s House. Ekk! I’m already trying to work out how long it would take to drive there. #mischiefandmemories xx

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