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Born to bounce at Red Kangaroo

Last weekend we were invited to our local Red Kangaroo in Reading.

Matthew had been to a trampoline park before and had been desperate to go again but I’d been worried about taking Zach along as he is so small.
I needn’t have worried! Red Kangaroo offers family sessions suitable for ages 2 to 12 which was just perfect for our family dynamic.
We arrived and were shown a safety video and handed our special jumping socks. Then we were allowed through to the park.

Wow! It was huge and there was plenty of space for us all.
We started out on the square trampolines to get our bouncing feet sorted then headed to the ramps. The children were very good at waiting their turn as only one person is allowed on a trampoline at once.

There were also basketball games, dodgeball, a slide and a giant airbag jump.
But I think the favourite part of the park was the foam pit. Big foam cubes make a soft landing but are difficult to wade through! (Thanks Anya for taking the first pic below!)
Red Kangaroo Trampoline Parks can be found in Nottingham and Coventry as well as the one we visited in Reading.
There are tots sessions available for ages 1-5 and bounce sessions for ages 4 and upwards. They hold fitness classes for people over 16 and have a calm session for anyone with autism or access requirements.
The summer timetable has sessions from 9am to 8pm so check out the best session for your family and beat the boredom by bouncing!
Take a look at all of the fun in my video:


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