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Day trip to Southampton: history hunting (part 2 family)

Our visit to Southampton this half term was a fun day out exploring the history of the area as described in my part 1 blog post. But we also took time to look for places that have a family history connection for me.
My dad’s paternal grandparents and ancestors lived and worked in Southampton. On the 1911 census my great great grandparents are listed as the employers at the Duke of Wellington pub on Bugle Street. And here it is!

Our next destination was Solent Sky. On our visit I kept my eyes peeled hoping for a photo of my grandad who worked on aircraft during WW2.
I was also interested in the artefacts from the police service as one of my great grandfathers was a police officer in Hartley Wintey and Aldershot.

Another great grandfather was a steward in the Merchant Navy and I found his listing in the National Roll of Honour which was available in digitised form at Solent Sky.
There were plenty of interactive displays for the children to enjoy but I think their favourite was sitting in a cockpit and going on the HUGE Beachcomber aircraft.


  1. Wow Laura!!! How special to see a great grandfather’s name appearing in the National Roll of Honour. As well as being able to see the Duke of Wellington pub in the same visit too. It must have been such a memorable visit to Southampton. #DreamTeam

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