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Day trip to Southampton: history hunting (part 1)

Yay! Half term at last (a week later than most other people!) We spent a windy but wonderful day in Southampton, exploring the past.
We began at Bargate which was the main entrance to the city in Norman times, before exploring more of the historic walls. Zach has been learning about castles and fortifications this term so was happily pointing out arrow slits and battlements 🙂


We walked past Holy Rood Church which was bombed during WW2. The ruins are dedicated to Merchant Navy seamen and there is a Titanic memorial fountain inside. Outside the church is an anchor from the QE2.

We visited the oldest building in Southampton which is St Michael’s Church. It managed to survive the war without damage.


The main event was a visit to the Tudor House and Garden. It costs a very reasonable £17 for a family ticket (2 adults and up to 3 children). There are plenty of little details to explore as well as interactive exhibits for the children to enjoy. In particular the kids loved guessing the items hidden in barrels and the identification of graffiti.

Outside is a knot garden and some remnants of a Norman house with a mix of domestic detail and classic defence features (those arrow slits again!)

The next stage of our day out included more personal history hunting (see part 2 later this week)



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  3. I’ve never been to Southampton so you’ve opened my eyes to some of the histories there. I like when family trips coincide with the curriculum too (putting my teacher’s hat on, lol).
    I hope it was as fun for the kids as it was for you rediscovering some of your family history (part 2) #Dreamteam

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