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#Project365 2022 week 8

Day 50: watching the storm but we were lucky not to lose any fence or trees

Day 51: just a boy doing the orange peel teeth thing

Day 52: a day out in Southampton

Day 53: feeding the birds once more

Day 54:part of the great tidy up before cousins visitng and I managed to extract a LOT of socks from the kids’ bedrom floors (this pic doesn’t include Zach’s!)

Day 55: cousin fun jumping in muddy puddles

Day 56: how on earth is is Friday already and games night again???

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  1. hehehe! People doing the orange peel thing do make me smile.
    Ahh! I always have clothes horses full of socks. At least yours look mostly matching. I always seem to end up washing odd one’s. x

  2. I have no idea where the socks go. It’s crazy. :)) I have no idea what the orange peel teeth thing, surely because I don’t have children, but I’m curious, so I will search for details. 🙂

  3. Glad you didn’t lose any fence or trees in the storm. Hope you had a nice day out in Southampton. I went to university there and have very happy memories of my time living there. Never went in the Tudor House though. That’s a lot of socks picked up from the floor! Lovely that the kids had fun with their cousins. #project365

  4. I am glad you weren’t affected by the storm! We did have to have a tree removed after, but silver lining was logs to burn now. Odd socks are the bane of my life, always hard to keep track of full sets!

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