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IoW2017: Yarmouth Castle and Fort Victoria

Next we wanted to go to Yarmouth Castle to once again make use of our English Heritage membership. The sat nav was not our friend 🙁 We drove in circles down one way streets until we decided to give up and park in a car park and then wandered around on foot.
First we discovered the pier, The floor boards all have sponsor names on and this was a lovely idea. The children were a little afraid being out over the sea but soon relaxed and enjoyed the views. Except Zach, he was asleep the whole time…

Suddenly we found the castle! It is a lot smaller than Carisbrooke and had a different purpose: sea defence.

I took the older 2 upstairs to explore the rooms while Chris waited with Zach. When he finally woke we were able to get him out of the pushchair for a run around the cannon!


At last we decided to move on and visit Fort Victoria, another sea defence.
Inside the old fortifications are a range of attractions and we couldn’t help but visit the model railway! On entry we were given a sheet of paper with things to look out for, I think we only missed one but my eyes couldn’t cope with any more searching 🙁

There wasn’t time to enjoy any other of the attractions so we spent some time relaxing on the beach before returning ot the Carthouse for the evening.


  1. Joanna

    It looks like you had a great time visiting the Yarmouth Castle and the Victoria Fort. I like that they make the visit interactive and give you papers with things to spot around. The location of the castle is so pretty as well, right on the coast. Children always love the beach and the coast.

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