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My first experience of shopping as a vegan

Getting myself all geared up for the new year and my attempt at veganism! I headed to the shops to see about starting to buy in different food and get myself used to labelling.
It was incredibly frustrating! But I found some brilliant vegan food that I can’t wait to try!

I am used to religiously checking every food label for wheat and meat but everything seems to have milk in! Many products are labelled as vegetarian and don’t appear to have any animal derivatives but I have had to google each item to double check.
For example, Heinz baked beans are vegan but the reduced salt/sugar ones are not and because they are made in the same factory they cannot be labelled as vegan due the potential for cross contamination.
My main concern with veganism is my love of cheese and milk but there are so many alternatives and I bought in several to give a try.

I was pleased to discover that some of my favourite products are already vegan including many Dolmio and Uncle Ben’s sauces.
I was lucky enough to be sent a hamper of vegan sweets from Swizzels. I had no idea that Choos were vegetarian let alone vegan! plus there was the taste of my childhood with Rainbow Drops, yum!

Do you have any vegan products that you think I should try? Or any recipes? I’m also gluten free but hopefully can adapt them!


  1. There are more and more products and recipes books now which is great, and I know in Melbourne we have such yummy Vegan restaurants. I’m a big fan of stirfry vegetables with flavoured Tofu, and love vegan patties and vegan sausages. We are not vegan, but try to eat as less animal products as we can, we drink soy milk and have it on our breakfast #StayClassyMama

  2. I’m vegetarian and find it really easy to shop but then 30+ years of practise and the inclusion of dairy helps a lot! You’ll soon get into it. #stayclassymama

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