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  1. Surprising, home learning with my teen has been fairly easy as the school have given her a lot of things to do. Keeping her motivated has been the struggle.
    Kweping my 2 and a half year old busy has been harder. Not being able to get out of the house has been a struggle. We’re lucky we have a garden though and the weather has been lovely over the last few days. #StayClassyMama

  2. I think with the older two, being isolated will become really hard. Esp the middle one, as he is technically by himself. I’m hoping it’s not for too long. The school part is easy, keeping them from their friends and social world wil be hard. Trying to manage that mentally, is the thing I worry about. #Stayclassymama

  3. An interesting insight. However as a long-term home educator, I would point out that a lot do choose it but many like me don’t. When your child is threatening self-harm due to bullying by staff and pupils, you really don’t have much of a choice.
    You are right to see learning in so many things – real life skills are great. #StayClassyMama
    There are loads of free things now that I never had access to and some good posts on sites like BritMums and Tots100 too

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  5. As someone who now homeschools full time before this all happened it has been interesting to see how people have adapted. I think it’s very much about what works for your family and knowing that it’s only for a brief season and not getting overwhelmed. I will still be inspected by the home school team locally to make sure my kiddo is getting the education he needs, but for other parents, it’s about doing the best they can and no teachers are going to expect any more than that. I think you are doing fine. It’s certainly an interesting time isn’t it? #stayclassymama sorry it’s late. Life is a tad mad here right now.

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