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Back to school panic!!!

This weekend can be summed up in one word: PANIC!
I suddenly realised that the uniform was still hidden away in bags, not washed and certainly not labelled. I have seen many other bloggers with their fancy personalised labels but my kids will be making do with their names in permanent marker 🙁

Actually, these names will be written in odd places. My mum is a former teacher and she know of parents who have taken new garments belonging to other children and removed the labels. Much trickier to lie about a name written in the collar or sleeve rather than on the washing instructions, my mum has taught me well…
We also haven’t completed the holiday activity booklets. I know these are a starting point for building relationships with the teacher but quite honestly we have been busy relaxing, enjoying ourselves and forgetting about schoolwork.
Matthew had to be dragged kicking and screaming away from Lego to check out his uniform. Luckily most of his is from last year. We had a go at the tie but we’d better keep practicing!
Meanwhile Anya was thrilled to try on all of her uniform (thankfully she hadn’t grown over the summer!) I admit there was a little tear in my eye seeing her all ready to start Year R next week.
I then made her even more happy by giving her hair accessories in her school colours. These are from Uniform Additions and come in a variety of colours to match the school uniform. Even more fantastically, the school can get a code and receive a proportion of each sale: parents can contribute to school funds in this way which benefits the children in the long term.

At first I thought the Anya’s hair might not be long enough to use the elastic so she improvised with having it as a bracelet instead! Anya loves the opportunity to be a girly girl and this was a perfect chance for us to have some time together before school starts. The hair accessories are lovely and match the royal blue of her uniform perfectly. They look really smart and will finish off the uniform beautifully (starting to well up again… :'( )

Time to enjoy a little Prosecco and carry on panicking tomorrow…

*I was sent these hair accessories for the purpose of this post, all opinions and photos are my own.


  1. I was laughing as all my mom friends took their kids clothes shopping today at our mall. School starts tomorrow. I’ve never seen so many frantic Facebook posts from the exact same location. #fortheloveofBLOG

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  3. This has been my first experience of the trauma that is school uniform and the labling of ALL THE THINGS! It’s been fun! I’m starting in April next year. Cute hair accessories finish off the look perfectly don’t they? Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

  4. Ha ha, I was sticking labels on as my son got dressed on his first day back! And despite tearing the house apart we seem to have lost his gym back . Love those hair accessories, I’ll have to check them out next year when my daughter starts school X

  5. We had a last minute shopping trip at the weekend as Booey had grown out of all her school trousers. I also label things with a marker pen, I haven’t got time for the labeling machine/ironing thing lol.

  6. I can’t believe parents knowingly steal other kids’ stuff! I always thought the labels were to prevent the kids accidentally mixing their stuff with someone else’s
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  7. Hi, love the idea of matching accessories and that the school benefits form the cost of these. I would never of thought that people could acquire the school uniform, roll on the marker pen #sharetheblogLove

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